Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Welcome and Game Rules

Welcome to the inaugural season of The Bachelor Fantasy League! Thanks to all of you for participating in this game. We had a lot of fun playing this game last year and I'm looking forward to another fun season. Jenna was our champion in the first season, Kelby took home the prize in season two, and Zack came out of nowhere to blow the competition away last season. We'll need to work together to prevent them from winning again.

The object of the game is to score the most points throughout the season (duh). Each player accumulates points in two ways:

1.) At the beginning of the season, each player chooses five Bachelorette contestants. This constitutes your "team." For these five contestants, your team scores points by making it through each rose ceremony and accomplishing various show-related "achievements" (see the points breakdown). The longer your contestants stay on the show, the more points you will score.

2.) Each week, every player is given 150 points to bet on which contestant(s) will NOT receive a rose at the rose ceremony. If you pick the eliminated contestant(s) correctly, you will receive the same number of points that you bet (example: if you place 50 points on Contestant 3 and he is eliminated, 50 points will be added to your season total). You may place all of your points on one contestant or spread them out across any number of contestants but points DO NOT rollover so make sure you spend your entire allotment. If you place all 150 points on one person and that person goes home, you will receive a bonus 50 points.

Your elimination pick(s) must be in to me by 7 pm CST each Monday. They can be emailed, texted, Tweeted, Facebooked, or left in the comments section but if you don't get your pick(s) in by the deadline, you will not be eligible for elimination points for that week.

I will keep track of the points accumulated through both methods of play and post them weekly. At the end of the season, the money will be broken up as follows:
1st Place: $100
2nd Place: $40
3rd Place: $30
4th Place: $20
Highest Scoring Week by Someone Who Doesn't Finish in the Top 4: $10

Thanks to everyone for joining up! This has already been a lot of fun and hopefully it'll catch on going into future seasons. Feel free to leave comments, talk a little trash, and make fun of the contestants here if you would like.

Good luck!

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