Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Point System

·         First Place: 600 points
·         Second Place: 400p
·         Third Place: 200p
·         Fourth place: 100p

·         First Real Kiss: 100p
·         First Impression Rose: 125p
·         First to Appear Alone in Hot Tub with JP: 100p
·         First Helicopter Ride: 75p
·         First to Discuss Death of Family Member or Spouse/Fiancé: 50p
·         First to Discuss Child and/or Divorce: 50p
·         First to Mention Des to JP: 75p
·         First Time We See a Visible Tattoo (once per girl): 25p (+10p if it’s a lower back tattoo)

·         Gets a 1-on-1 Date: 25p
·         Gets a Rose on 1-on-1 Date: 10p
·         Survives a 2-on-1 Date: 50p
·         Gets a Rose on a Group Date: 50p
·         Survives Without Getting a Date: 25p
·         Participates in a Date That Involves Her Worst Fear: 25p
·         Helicopter Ride: 25p
·         Any Date That Requires a Harness: 25p
·         Stays Overnight BEFORE the Fantasy Date: 150p

ANYTIME (Once Per Person, Per Episode)
·         Real Kiss: 25p
·         Prompts JP to Take His Shirt Off: 15p
·         Cries Off Camera: 25p
·         Cries During Interview: 25p
·         Cries While Talking to JP: 35p
·         Cries and Creates a Scene: 50p
·         Brings JP a Gift: 15p
·         Brings a Gift for JP’s Daughter: 20p
·         Shares a Dance with JP: 15p
·         Appears Alone in Hot Tub with JP: 25p
·         Brings up Astronomy: 15p
·         Pulls an On-Camera Prank: 25p
·         Interrupts Another Contestant’s Alone Time with JP: 35p
·         Uses the Term “Steal JP Away” While Interrupting: 15p
·         Shows Off a “Talent” (Singing, Poetry, Baton Twirling, etc.): 25p (+25p if the song/poem is original)
·         Leaves the Show Early: 100p
·         Leaves the Show Early But Comes Back: 200p
·         Discusses the Death of a Family Member or Spouse/Fiance: 25p
·         Discusses Child and/or Divorce: 25p
·         Talks to JP About His Daughter: 15p
·         Talks About Being a “Good Parent” for JP’s Daughter: 15p (+15p if she says this directly to JP)
·         Uses “Juan” in Place of Another Word (“Juan-uary”): 20p
·         Tries to Speak Spanish to JP: 15p
·         Mentions the “Language Barrier”: 15p
·         Talks About the “Claws Coming Out” or a “Cat Fight”: 25p
·         Accuses Another Participant of “Not Being There For the Right Reasons” or “Being a Different Person with JP”: 25p
·         Is Accused of “Not Being Here for the Right Reason” or “Being a Different Person”: 35p
·         Says “I’m Not Here to Make Friends”: 25p
·         Has a Disapproving Family Member: 50p
·         Gets Into a Fight (yelling, screaming, etc.): 100p
·         Gets Into a FIGHT (actual physical confrontation): 200p
·         Has to be Consoled/Guided by Chris Harrison: 25p
·         Is Directly Responsible for JP Crying: 50p

·         Have Two or More Contestants in the Top 7: 25p (+15p per participant over 2)
·         Have Two or More Contestants in the Top 6: 50p (+20p per participant over 2)
·         Have Two or More Contestants in Top 5: 75p (+25p per participant over 2)
·         Have Two or More Contestants in the Top 4: 100p (+35p per participant over 2)
·         Have Two or More Contestants in the Top 3: 150p (+50p per participant over 2)
·         Have Two Contestants in the Finale: 200p

·         Every week each player will be given 150 points to place on the contestant or contestants that player thinks will be going home
·         All 150 points must be placed every week

·         A player who places all of his/her points on ONE contestant will receive a 50 point bonus if that contestant goes home

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